Trip Rome to Ostia Antica | ancient Roman city

Ostia_ant Along the sea route we take you from Rome to Ostia Antica, it does not take long, about 30 minutes and you will have so much time to admire the excavations and the ancient city rich in archaeological heritage. This half-day trip has a duration of 4 hours.

In 2014 the excavations of Ostia and its museum were the sixteenth Italian state most visited site, with 332,190 visitors and a gross income totaling 1,086,099.00 euros. Ostia Antica along with Pompeii it is the largest archaeological site the planet with an area of 150 hectares. and was unearthed only 40% and more than half of the city is still buried.

The remains of part of the ancient city, carved during the nineteenth and especially the twentieth century. Together with public monuments have been preserved numerous private facilities (residential, manufacturing facilities, associations) seats, which give us an image of daily life in ancient times.


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