Rome to Siena day trip

Piazza_del_Campo_Siena This day trip from Rome to SIENA has a duration of 8 hours, Siena is about 233 kilometers away from Rome.

Siena is a beautiful city in Tuscany, declareted by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1995. Famous for its art, museums, cuisine and above all the Palio. The city is sorrounded by olive groves and vineyards of Chianti and crossed by by wide avenues and narrow alleys that lead to the centre of the city, Piazza del Campo and all other cultural monuments such as the Duomo and the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala .Siena is also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe.

The passion for the Palio of Siena is something that goes beyond the simple sporting competition ; it is an event so closely inherent to urban life remains hard to grasp the importance for those not born in the Tuscan town .

The territory of the city is divided into 17 districts, of which only ten participate in the Palio race with a horse allocated to them by extraction . Before the event there is a procession with the participation of over 600 people in costume . The Palio, which is to go for three times around the Piazza del Campo mounting sleeping the horse , takes place July 2 and August 16 of each year. Rome to Siena day trip 


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